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Wang, L., Xiaotong, Z. & Lv, N. (2023). Efficient 2075 nm laser emission from Ho3+-doped fluorotellurite glass in a compact all-fiber structure. Optics Letters, Vol. 48, Issue 9, pp. 2401-2404 (2023)


In this Letter, we report an Ho3+-doped fluorotellurite glass all-fiber laser at 2075 nm. The gain fiber is pumped in-band with a 1976-nm fiber laser and connected by fusion splicing. A high-quality fusion splicing point with a loss of < 0.1 dB was obtained by finely adjusting the splicing power and offset. In addition, by optimizing the writing parameters, a third-order fiber Bragg grating (FBG) with a reflectivity of 98% was achieved at 2075 nm using the femtosecond laser direct-writing method. Using the FBG as the laser cavity mirror and a relatively short 28-cm-long home-made Ho3+-doped fluorotellurite fiber as the laser medium, a laser with a maximum unsaturated output power of 7.33 W was obtained, and the corresponding slope efficiency was as high as 93.4%. The first, to the best of our knowledge, demonstration of the fluorotellurite glass all-fiber ∼2.1-µm laser presented in this work may pave the way for a high-power 2.1-µm fiber laser with a compact structure.



National Natural Science Foundation of China; Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province; Shenzhen Basic Research Project, Heilongijang Touyan Innovation Team Program; Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

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