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Optics Express, Vol.22, no.7, 2014.


Optical microfibers and related structures which incorporate large evanescent field and minimal size offer new opportunities for biosensing applications. In this paper we report the development of an immunosensor based on a tapered microfiber coupler embedded in a low refractive index polymer. Biomolecules adsorbed on the microfiber coupler surface modify the surrounding refractive index. By immobilizing antigens on the surface of the sensing area, the microfiber coupler was able to operate as a label-free immunosensor to detect specific antibodies. We experimentally demonstrated for the first time the sensing ability of this sensor using a fibrinogen antigen-antibody pair. By monitoring the spectral shift in the wavelength domain, the sensor was shown to be capable of detecting the specific binding between fibrinogen and anti-fibrinogen. The detected signal was found to be proportional to the anti-fibrinogen present.