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1.3 PHYSICAL SCIENCES, Optics, Electrical and electronic engineering

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Optical Fiber Technology


A low-cost optical fibre sensor based on two cascaded balloon-like bent fibre (BBF) structures for simultaneous displacement and temperature measurement is reported. The sensor is fabricated by cascading two balloon-like bent single-mode fibres (SMFs) which with different bending radii, generating two separate interference dips within a limited wavelength range. The wavelength of the two interference dips exhibits different responses to external displacement and temperature variations, hence simultaneous measurement of displacement and temperature is realized. Experimental results show that the proposed optical fibre sensor achieves a displacement sensitivity of −318.8 pm/μm and a temperature sensitivity of 47.4 pm/°C. Taking advantage of its low-cost, ease of fabrication, and experimentally determined high sensitivity, the sensor in this investigation can be potentially applied in both displacement and temperature measurement fields.



National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); Science Foundation Ireland