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9th Annual Graduate Research Symposium, Technological University Dublin,

30th October, 2018.


Driving is a highly complex task which relies heavily on vision for successful execution. There are currently 2,820,528 holders of driving licences in Ireland. Holders of a driving license must meet the standards for vision as set out by the Road Safety Authority Slainte agus Tiomáint document. Visual acuity and Visual Field measurements are specified as the minimum standard. If there is reason to believe that these measurements are inadequate, it is required that the subject undergo a more detailed examination. Currently, drivers must undergo a vision screening when applying for their first license, and additional vision screening is not required until they reach 70 years of age. During this interval, licenses have 10 yearly renewal intervals. It is well known that a person’s vision changes with age. These changes may be normal and age-related, or pathological and disease related. Either Way, these changes can have a significant detrimental effect on both unaided vision and corrected acuity, and therefore their ability to meet the driving standards (either with or without refractive aides). It is our aim to assess the vision of a sample population of drivers with respect to the current vision standards for driving, and to critically evaluate the appropriateness of the standards currently in place.

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