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Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, Volume 37, Issue 1 , Pages 31-37, February 2014




Accurate corneal measurements are crucial in corneal refractive surgery (CRS) to ensure successful outcomes. Soft contact lens (SCL) wear may result in changes to corneal curvature and structure. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pre-operative guidelines recommend that prior to CRS, SCL wearers cease SCL wear for “at least two weeks before examination and treatment”[1]. Corneal curvature changes induced by SCL wear may take longer than two weeks to resolve.


To examine the effect of SCL wear on corneal curvature before and following two weeks SCL wear cessation. To explore the possible impact of different SCL materials and years of SCL wear.


Retrospective data analysis, between a group of SCL wearers (SCL: n=45); and a non-contact lens control group (NCL: n=45). Corneal curvature parameters were measured using the Pentacam (Oculus, Germany), before and following two weeks cessation of SCL wear.


No significant differences in keratometry or Sagittal radius of curvature between SCL and NCL groups prior to or following SCL cessation. Tangential radius of curvature showed significant inferior steepening for the SCL group prior to SCL cessation (SCL vs. NCL; 7.77±0.30mm vs. 7.90±0.30mm; p=0.04). Following two weeks cessation of SCL wear this appeared to have resolved.


Two weeks cessation of SCL wear appears sufficient for resolution of corneal curvature changes with modern SCL materials and years of SCL wear. However, further studies with longer lens deprivation periods are required to ensure stability for all SCL wearing patients.

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