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Business and Management.

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Published: in Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of the Logistics Research Network, Plymouth, September 2005.


Outsourcing or offshoring as it is now known has been around for many decades. In the beginning it
was only very peripheral activities that were outsourced, blue collar (lower skilled) work but this is now all changing with the outsourcing of white-collar jobs. Historically, outsourcing was used when
organisation could not perform to world-class excellence in all sectors of the organisation due to
incompetence of staff and/or management, lack of capacity, financial pressures, and/or technological
pressure. The research currently underway is initially focusing on a literature review of current outsourcing applications in the market place. From the literature review, a questionnaire has been developed to assess the impact outsourcing has on business performance. This research focuses on the Irish Market place. The paper will present the findings of the initial literature review, it will examine the main reasons companies outsource and the benefits they could accrue if gone about systematically and the associated problems. It will also discuss the methodology being followed to explore the Irish Industrial Sector. This is a working paper and as such, it is hoped that initial results from the survey will be available for presentation at the conference in September.