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Published: in Proceedings of the Internationalizing Entrepreneurship Education and Training Conference, pp. 269-272, Naples, Italy, July 2004


The logistics service market is currently going through a fundamental transition. Globalisation of industrial and trade activities, mergers, acquisitions and alliances and the increasing role of ICT are rapidly transforming the 3PL industry and demanding new strategic perspectives of companies in the industry. Becoming closer to customers and continuously adapting products and services, represent potentially successful approaches to the development of competitive edge – by understanding changing market dynamics allows 3PLs to develop innovation in the services offered and leads to improved profitability. To this end knowledge resources and learning processes increasingly represent key elements within the evolving framework of the 3PL business. This paper describes the case of NITL’s Foundation Certificate Programme (FCP) learning programme with specific reference to its use in addressing some of current shortcomings related to supply chain knowledge and skills in the Irish 3PL industry. The FCP rationale is based on the need to move from traditional approaches of supply chain organisation where the various links in the chain were measured and managed in isolation from each other and thus tended to operate at cross purposes, towards more integrated approaches.