Submissions from 2020


K-means and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis as Segmentation Algorithms of FTIR Hyperspectral Images Collected from Cutaneous Tissue, Cassio Lima, Luciana Correa, Hugh Byrne, and Denise Zezell

Submissions from 2004


Interaction of Carbon Nanotubes with Saccharides: a Possible Route to Biocompatible Composites, Alan Casey, Jonathan Moghal, Gerald Farrell, Hugh Byrne, and Gordon Chambers

Submissions from 2003


The Physical Interactions between HiPCo SWNTs and Semi-conjugated Polymers, Sinead Keogh, Theresa Hedderman, A. Maguire, M. G. Ruther, Elizabeth Gregan, Gordon Chambers, and Hugh Byrne