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Chemical process engineering

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New Carbon Materials, 24, (1) pp.73-83. (2009)


This paper investigates the interaction and bundle dispersion of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) produced by arc discharge and by the high pressure decomposition of carbon monoxide, often referred to as the HiPco method, in the presence of the molecule p-terphenyl. The study will show that the extent of SWNT bundle dispersion and the degree of interaction with p-terphenyl is related to the level of purity of the SWNT sample. This study compares the bundle dispersion and interaction of SWNT with p-terphenyl in their as produced state and after purification. A number of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques are used to probe the SWNT and their interaction with p-terphenyl. A technique such as energy dispersive analysis by x-ray (EDAX) is used to give an elemental analysis of the SWNT samples before and after purification. Fluorescence and atomic force microscopy are used as techniques to assess the degree of interaction and bundle dispersion of the SWNT.



Science Foundation of Ireland (01/PI.2/C033).