The Muddlers Club Tasting Menu 2017

The Muddlers Club Tasting Menu 2017

The Muddlers Club Restaurant

+44 28 9031 3199



Warehouse Lane | Just off Waring St or Exchange Place, Belfast BT1 2DX, Northern Ireland


The Muddler's Club feels like a club in the old sense. Being tucked away between Waring Street and Exchange Place, the place is a proper hide-out. There's a comforting informality to its exclusivity and the warm welcome of Barry, the manager, sets a behavioural pattern which trickles through to the rest of the staff.

It's a hospitable place with a bar at the entrance end and full-on kitchen views in the dining room - like a smaller, more stylish version of Nick's Warehouse.

The quality follows through to the menu. The lunch menu reflects the tones from nearby Ox, where Gareth McCaughey worked previously. The design is not dissimilar and the prices are in the same budget. Three courses will cost you a pound more. And it's pleasantly simple. Belfast Telegraph