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Dublin Institute of Technology


Successful restaurants are as much a result of time, place and product as anything else. In many ways we had a lot stacked against us – we’re located in a basement, deep in the Northside of the city. But we had plenty in our favour too. We’ve worked hard to make our basement feel anything but that. By using Irish and international craftspeople we’ve transformed part of what was the former home of George Jameson, the whiskey maker, into a uniquely Irish dining space.

The Irish home has always been a place of conviviality, from the most humble cup of tea to the grandest offering of a traditional Irish coffee. Chapter One has worked hard to reflect this great Irish tradition. We never felt it was enough simply to do things correctly; we wanted to strive for the best, and that remains as true today as at the beginning. It has earned us an extremely loyal customer base and also a Michelin star in the process.

Good cooking starts with good produce, and when you have the richness of the Irish larder to choose from there’s an opportunity to really soar. What you see on a plate in Chapter One is an expression of many artisans, many landscapes and much hardworking talent. Many of our specialist growers and artisan producers have been supplying us since the earliest days in the nineties. Our location on the Northside of Dublin was a notoriously difficult place to trade. Yet people who cared about food came, and suppliers who were passionate about their uniquely Irish produce came too – integrity of produce was what united us.

This gives our menus a unique strength and depth that we feel our customers really value and enjoy.

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Restaurant, Dublin, Ross Lewis, Michelin Star


Cultural History | Food and Beverage Management | History | Hospitality Administration and Management | Tourism and Travel


18 - 19 Parnell Square


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