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Physiological Measurement, Vol. 21, no. 4, 2000, pp.515-524. Available from


Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium while sitting or standing. There are a number of different methods, which are used to assess balance: technical methods such as Sway Magnetometry, Ataxia Meter and Force Platforms and clinical methods such as Functional Reach Test, Berg Balance Test and Fall Risk Index. The most frequently used technical method is the force platform. There are two types of Force Platform a static and a dynamic Force Platform of which the dynamic Force Platform has been found to be more sensitive at detecting impaired balance. The Quantitative Posturography System (QPS) described in this paper is a type of dynamic Force Platform, however it has a simpler design to the currently available dynamic Force Platforms and can match the subjects sway exactly for tilting in the Anterio-Posterior and Medio-Lateral directions with its novel design. This paper describes the novel design of the QPS and its calibration.


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