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Medical engineering

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Physiological Measurement, Vol.21, no. 4, 2000, pp.515.524. Available from


A force platform is a technical method of quantitatively assessing balance indirectly. The use of force platforms in physiotherapy departments has become more prominent over the last few years. However, the main drawback in the use of force platforms is the lack of comprehensive calibration procedures, which casts doubt on the results obtained with these systems. Existing calibration tests are limited to testing the spatial accuracy of the force platform. This paper describes a comprehensive quality control test procedure which was developed. It is proposed that the developed quality control test procedure could be used to test all types of force platform and it includes a description of how the tests should be carried out, the frequency with which they should be carried out and the expected performance for each of the tests as recommended for the most part by the Association Francaise de Posturologie.


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