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Practitioner Research Project Report submitted to PG Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching, TU Dublin, 2019.


Students are not only interested in their grades but they are also interested in feedback (Mulliner & Tucker, 2017), as this is an important element of their learning cycle (Gibbons et al., 2018). Together with lecturers they agree that for this to be effective, it must be returned quickly so that it can be acted on within the context of their learning (Denton et al., 2008; Mulliner & Tucker, 2017). However, the delivery of timely and effective feedback can be a burden on lecturers, particularly if they are responsible for large classes and in the early stage of their career. These and similar challenges contribute towards the low approval ratings on feedback provided by students across our national third-level institutions (Gibbons et al., 2018). This report explores the benefits and functionality of alternative applications that can help address these challenges and give feedback (1) within class, using TurningPoint, (2) within one to two weeks, using Peergrade, and (3) up to fifteen working days, using the virtual learning environment (VLE) Brightspace. These timeframes have been chosen as research suggests that a policy of providing feedback with fifteen working days can increase student satisfaction (Mulliner & Tucker, 2017). The benefit of these applications for both student and lecturer are established here and a poster artefact has been developed to provide a condensed summary of the applications along with additional resources to help ensure their successful implementation.