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Technological University Dublin, 2013.


The aim of this project was to develop and explore the use of a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) integrating a web-based platform for the study of mathematics as part of an active learning environment. The platform was designed to provide active support to engineering students especially those in their first year of study. Early use of the platform can identify possible areas of weakness and provide the self-learning environment required for students to become more proficient in areas where they are lacking key skills or are finding the concepts difficult to understand. The platform consists of a set of tests and applications for the study of engineering mathematics. The tests can adapt and change depending on the answers provided by the student, including video feedback for incorrect answers before the student progresses to the next question. Based on the idea that teaching a concept is the best way to learn that concept, the students become actively involved in the platform as they create the videos that provide feedback to the other users of the platform. This active learning, constructivist approach provides an environment of achievement and ownership that allows students of all levels to enjoy the learning experience.