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Successfully submitted to the Technologicl University Dublin in part fufilment of the requirements for award of Masters in Third Level Learning and Teaching.


The main aim of this research was to identify what was required to optimise professional development for the academic staff of Liberties College, a college in the further education sector. This research was a case study, focusing on the micro, one case on one site, with the emphasis on understanding the unity and the wholeness of this particular case. The theoretical perspective applied therefore, was constructionist and the research methods interpretive in design.

The research design was mainly qualitative though there was also a quantitative element in part of the questionnaire which was followed up by semi-structured interviews. The relevant literature was consulted and reviewed in order to establish a framework for the research and to inform the validity of the findings.

The findings from the questionnaire show the identified continuing professional development requirements, needs and interests for working in the classroom, for working in the institution and for the self. The follow-up interviews provided more precise detail for some of the questionnaire responses.

The recommendations from the study include suggestions that emanate from the findings and which have been contextualised to the culture and practice in Liberties College.