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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, *training, *pedagogy, *didactics

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SEDA Spring Conference. 28-29 June.


This study is aimed atteaching and learning staff,academic leaders/senior managers, educational/academic developers, and will offer an opportunity to explore together the long-term vision of a valued and informed teaching and learning culture in Irish higher education and the impact of national conversations on professional development in teaching and learning.The momentum in PD offered by the success of the Open Courses, the sudden national move to online/remote teaching and learning in recent months, and the evolving education policy context (in Ireland), have combined to present a unique opportunity to make strategic forward motion regarding teaching and learning enhancement.By the end of this session, delegates will be able to: •Critically discuss the Irish framework of professional development of all who teach in higher education and the national conversations taking place on teaching and learning pre-and-during covid times.•Explore the approach taken to implementing a suite of 20 flexible open-access professional development (PD) Open Courses for national recognition.•Challenge current conversations around professional development, in particular on their ability or inability to empower academics to make a difference to individual practice and collective T&L responsibility.•Reflect on lessons learnt from this work including how this PD initiative can encourage the HE community to consider how top-down initiatives influence informal T&L conversationsand vice versa

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