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SRHE Annual Research Conference, Newport, UK, 14-15 December, 2012.


When teachers share ambitions for their practice, they are raising both their own awareness of their personal theory and articulating a shared conception of educational values. In contrast to traditional research methods modules which encompass a variety of methodologies, a new module has been collaboratively developed between two higher education institutions in Ireland to focus on action research, specifically requiring participants to engage in and document a research project linked to practice. Research methods as a subject can prove challenging for teacher-researchers especially in applying the concepts to their own practice-based projects. This module, aimed at practitioners in further and higher education in Ireland, forms part of a flexible pathway to a postgraduate diploma which is underpinned by core professional values. Until now, there has not been such a blended action research module offered within Ireland, and we are keen to explore the potential of shared ambitions in this context.