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7th International Technology, Education and Development Conference Valencia, Spain. 4-5 March, 2013.


The learning of mathematics is often associated with established prejudices, such as a belief that it is a difficult and boring subject. The association of mathematics with a passive learning process, involving a teacher/lecturer writing on a board and the students simply following or copying what is written, accentuates that perception. This paper presents a pilot project for mathematics peer instruction using on-line videos created by the students. The context of the project is an engineering mathematics foundation module in an Irish college of engineering, covering basic engineering mathematics prerequisites. The course is open to a wide range of students with varying educational backgrounds, making student engagement and the maintenance of a positive attitude towards the topics particularly important.

Results from the pilot demonstrate the potential for increased student engagement with the subject matter, as well as an improved attitude towards the discipline. The students recognized the need to focus and develop a clear understanding of the problem and the path to the solution as the main benefit of the video making process. The students involved in the pilot project valued the use of on-line instruction materials created by the lecturer or available from other sources. However, they showed a stronger preference for peer and own videos over more institutional material.

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