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Presented at the INTED 2013 Educational Research Conference on the 4th of March in Valencia Spain.


As part of our teaching in the Departments of Fabrication and Transport Engineering in the Technological University Dublin we use industrial metal folding machines to help students to learn the sequencing of folds on manufactured sheet metal components. Many students have difficulty visualising the folding sequences required to complete practical manufacturing assignments. This paper details the digital media resource which was developed to provide students with the opportunity to offer a proposed solution to questions which relate to the folding sequence required for these components. Feedback is provided through the medium of pre recorded videos which show the component being folded using the folding sequence the student has suggested. If the folding sequence the student has suggested is correct they are guided to a video which shows the successful folding of the component. If the folding sequence the student has suggested is incorrect they are guided to video which highlights the errors and provides guidance of on the criteria for the selection of the correct bend sequence. The students can access this resource at any time to practice and perfect their ability to sequence folds correctly. A student survey was carried out and the data was analyzed. Detailed in the Paper are the findings and recommendations which arose from the student Survey.


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