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Published in Teaching Strategies, New York : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (pp.219-234)


Today more than ever, and on an international scale, faculty (academic staff) are seeking improved modes of professional development in support of their subject teaching strategies. Up until now, the literature has discussed the competing conceptions of teaching in higher education which has been defined as a generic professional practice versus an activity that can only be understood in the context of discipline-specific issues (Young, 2010). Generic teacher professional development programmes in higher education are increasingly present in many countries and positive benefits have been reported for participants. Research in academic development has also acknowledged a need to augment such programmes with discipline-based courses as individual disciplines have their particular concerns which cannot be fully addressed from a generic perspective. The interest in this area developed from previous research conducted on a professional development programme in Irish higher education (Donnelly, 2006); this laid the foundations for this current study which examines perceived impact on individual teaching practice by Faculty from a range of higher education subject disciplines recently graduated from a generic teaching programme.

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