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Assessment & Feedback Cases


The second year VM & Display students are given a brief to research, design and style a ‘Catwalk Show’. This brief is one of three they are given for a 15 credit module in ‘Fashion & Styling’ in the second semester. Individually students research a theme and remodel an outfit based on their research, the outfit is modelled (taking in consideration of make-up and hair) in a Catwalk Show. The venue is a studio, which as a group, the students must design, make and gather props and dress to emulate the theme. Students must photograph their outfits and compile a catalogue, design and print invitations, provide music, a compere and hospitality for the show. This brief takes place over 4 to 5 weeks and as part of the assessment, students are asked to mark themselves and their peers on their group participation. The students are given marking criteria and if marking themselves or their peers below 40% or over 70% they are requested to write a sentence explaining the reasons why.