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his assessment relates to a module in Early Education Intermediate on story- reading/storytelling education as underpinning early literacy. The project forms part of the overall assessment for the year and is called Story Sack. A story sack consists of a purpose-made cloth bag whch contains a story, a book of facts relating to a story, props and other accessories. The purpose is to stimulate reading activities and to make shared reading a memorable and fun experience. Students are required to select a story (appropriate to the age range of the children in their placement) and to develop the story by designing first-hand experiences to extend the story. This includes building/creating a physical representation of the story itself which students have to build/create, all of which can be stored in a portable carrier bag (sack) and used to bring the story to life for children. In addition students have to create further ‘enhancing’ scenarios to assist in the story experience (e.g. organise an actual teddy-bears’ picnic for the children or go to an imaginary bear-hunt).