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Irish Educational Studies 39


The educational value of internationalisation in higher education is of critical importance for both domestic and international students. While national and institutional policies globally are increasingly prioritising internationalisation, the resultant consequences for the teaching and learning context are not adequately being explored. Understanding engagement with Internationalisation of the Curriculum from the lecturers’ perspective allows for a greater insight into the inherent implementation gap between the theory and practice of the process. This knowledge may then help inform strategies to address the gap. The present study details the current level of engagement between lecturers and Internationalisation of the Curriculum in Ireland’s first Technological University. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to all lecturers across the university to ascertain statistical evidence in an attempt to quantify the prevailing situation in the Irish higher education context. While there was an awareness and appreciation of the educational value of internationalisation, the findings demonstrate that those surveyed are at the early stages of the internationalisation process in their teaching and learning practice. The questionnaire findings are detailed here along with the implications of the findings for both internationalisation and educational policies and practice, which is of relevance to both national and international audiences.