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This article was published in Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol 9, No.13 (2016).

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The 12 Apps of Christmas course is a free open online course that has run at the Technological University Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, in both 2014 and 2015. The 2014 version of this course was aimed specifically at instructors and went on to win the Mobile Learning Division of the International E-Learning Award (iELA) and come joint third-place at the eLearning Excellence Awards run as part of the 14th European Conference on eLearning. The 2015 iteration was aimed primarily at students of all ages undertaking further education, third-level education and/or postgraduate study, but also included additional supporting information for educators. This case study sets out our experiences of designing and delivering the 2015 iteration of this innovative and effective student and educator support.