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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, Public and environmental health


A short survey was undertaken among the Peer Mentor candidates in TU Dublin’s Bolton St. Campus. The Peer Mentors are second year students from eleven different courses and this initiative prides itself in being embedded in specific courses across the College of Engineering and Built Environment and other colleges across the University. During the academic year the mentors give inputs based on the unique challenges within the course that the first years have registered for. The results, while predictable, reveal challenges facing all involved in Third Level Education during the unique challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

'This is an important piece of work with key insights to help us and our students in what we know will be a challenging academic year. Therefore, in my opinion, we should disseminate it as widely as possible.' Professor Mike Murphy, Digital Campus & Learning Transformation, TU Dublin.


The key messages on motivation and organisation, and the value of supportive staff, socialisation and the interactive environment are really important'. Dr Brian Gormley,

Educational Developer - Student Success

National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education