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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, Information science (social aspects), Library science, Media and socio-cultural communication

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Presented at the New Librarianship Symposia Series: Fall 2021. Symposium 1: Post-Neutrality Librarianship (October 28, 2021): Librarians cannot be unbiased neutral information professionals and passionate advocates for better communities. To seek an improved society calls for a vision of what “improved” means. How can librarians reconcile the reality of making service decisions in a context of limited resources with a mandate to serve the whole community? Available to watch:


This paper will establish the case for Open Educational Resources (OER) for Liberation for Ireland, and the leveraging of librarians in pursuit of creating a database of Open resources for public good and public liberation within the context of post-neutrality librarianship. The researchers have conducted a literature review of existing OER initiatives and emerging areas of Open Education. The review is underpinned by the philosophical and pedagogical motivations of Open, with a keen focus on equity, access and accessibility. Through this research, it has been found that there is a strong framework available for establishing a national OER initiative, and that librarians have many skills which can be leveraged and utilized in combination with OER in order to facilitate knowledge creation. Further study is proposed to help assess Ireland’s current level of involvement with OER and the feasibility of creating a public OER database for liberation.