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Article published as: Cullen, J. & Kavanagh, A. (2006). Indexing change in LIS work: implications for recruiting managers. Library Management, 27(9) 600-605. Available from:


Purpose: This paper reports on three periods of library and information service (LIS) recruitment data collected over a six-year timeframe with the aim of developing a tool for indexing change in the recruitment and labour market for workers in the field. Methodology / Approach: The recruitment data was collected in an Irish context over three distinct 12-month timeframes (1999, 2001-2002 and 2005). The two earlier annual sets of data have already been reported and discussed (the latter in Library Management in 2004a), and the most recent set (2005) is presented here. The data over the three timeframes is compared here, and a practical approach for collecting this data in an ongoing fashion is suggested. Findings: The article finds that although LIS positions have become less available in 2005 than in previous periods, that remuneration has increased at a rate of 16%. A number of related findings are discussed throughout the paper. Implications: The value of this approach and the data unearthed is discussed in the context of its value to senior managers and individuals with responsibility for recruitment and strategic human resource management in library and information service context.