"Our ability to think, and to select and use the information at our disposal will be the critical determinant of the future success of the Information Society in Ireland."

(Information Society Commission 2000: 118)

The quotation above acknowledges the critical importance of information skills, and suggests that the very success of the concept of an 'information society' relies upon an information-literate population. Surveys of employers show an increasing demand for 'graduates with an ability to analyse, evaluate and process information effectively' (Big Blue, 2002: 4). Such skills are directly related to the aims and processes of higher education as a knowledge-creation activity. We need to teach our students to become independent and confident 'information consumers on their way to becoming lifelong learners' (Doherty J., 1999). As the idea of lifelong learning and its role in future national economic prosperity is increasingly recognised, so too must the role of information literacy be recognised within this process.



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