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Published by City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee , 1981.


The College of Technology at Kevin Street, opened In 1968, replaced premises which had been in use as Technical Schools since 1887. The new building, on a site of 2 acres and providing almost 200,000 square feet of accommodation, cost £2m. including equipment, thus applying an inflation factor of 6, the replacement cost of the building is now of the order of £12.m. Some years ago, an additional site, about 11 acres, was acquired at the rere of the College - the Pleasant Street site which has a building potential of 100,000 sq. feet. 2. 3. Student enrolment patterns remained reasonably stable into the early seventies, frequently with small class groups. In 1974/75 there were approximately 500 wholetime students and 600 apprentice electricians. For the session 1980/81 the number of wholetime students registered at the College had increase~ roughly, 100% to 985, while the apprentices likewise doubled to 1200. The College responded immediately to the requests in 1979 by the HEA and the Manpower Consultative Committee, with regard to the provision of new courses and/or additional places on existing courses in areas showing evidence of manpower shortages which threaten the Government's job-creation programme. In parallel with this development there is a very extensive and growing use of the College in the pru!ision of evening courses.