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Journal of Information Literacy (JIL), Volume 7 Issue. JIL is the journal of the CILIP Information Literacy group and it is a gold open access peer reviewed title.


In June 2014, the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT Dublin), South Dublin County, Republic of Ireland, held a one day national seminar on information literacy (IL) – ‘Demonstrating the Value of Information Literacy to Staff and Students’. This was one of the first IL seminars in Ireland that included speakers and representatives from all sectors: the educational sector (second and third level), community organisations, and industry. The event was funded by the recently formed National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in Ireland. The aim of the seminar was to help staff to develop the necessary strategies and skills to support the development of IL in students transitioning from second to third level. This reflected the National Forum’s overall theme of supporting the teaching of students making the transition into higher education (HE) and the first year experience. The event aimed to highlight the importance of IL and provide an overview of some best practice IL initiatives in Ireland. The seminar aimed to review strategies and resources that could be used in IL teaching to help those students entering HE. The seminar also sought to equip participants with the skills to facilitate the development of students’ IL skills and enhance practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of IL, enabling them to demonstrate to students the relevance of IL competencies. The seminar included testimonials from ITT Dublin students and graduates on how they have developed their IL skills and how it has benefited their academic lives and their transition to employment and progression in society.