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Information Science, Library science

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Sconul Focus 41, Summer/Autumn 2007.


The Working Group on Information Literacy (WGIL) was established by the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) in January 2006 to recommend strategies for the development of information skills at both a theoretical and practical level in the Library and Information Services sector in Ireland.

From the outset, one of the key objectives established was that the work of the WGIL would be approached on a cross-sectoral basis.

Membership of the group comprises ten members from across the range of LIS (Library and Information Services) sectors in Ireland. These include academic, special, schools, public, health and university sectors, and also a representative from the Department of Library & Information Studies (DepLIS), University College Dublin (UCD).

This article outlines the initial work of the group as they progress information literacy education in Ireland.