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This article provides an outline of the LibQUAL+™ web-based survey conducted in 2009 at ITT (Technological University Dublin) Dublin library, capturing some of the main findings, feedback from those who participated, lessons learnt and proposed future actions. The library service at ITT Dublin is committed to enhancing quality, and part of this process involves communicating and engaging with our users to determine their requirements and respond to their ongoing needs. In March 2009, asa part of our efforts in providing a more customer- focused and improved library service, the library at ITT Dublin carried out an online library user survey, LIBQUAL+™. The library had previously run customer-satisfaction surveys in 2004 and in 2006 (using LIBQUAL+™ for the first time), the results of which have helped inform ongoing developments of the library service. The LibQUAL+™ survey instrument is a welldesigned and robust web-based survey which has been rigorously tested and developed since 2000 by the Association of Research Libraries. LibQUAL+™ garners feedback from library users across a range of issues covering library services, resources and facilities.1 The library in ITT Dublin participated as part of a SCONUL consortium, which enabled us to benchmark our results against other participating Ireland and UK institutions. To date, only a small number of Irish higher education institutions have taken up LIBQUAL+™ as a means of measuring service quality.