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SIGCSE 2023: Proceedings of the 54th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education V. 2 CSLINC - Development of a National Outreach VLE Pages 1316


Over the last year an online learning platform has been developed and piloted to the Irish second level education system allowing both students and teachers to participate in introductory computing modules. This poster will outline the development of the registration process of a system that is capable of managing potentially 728 schools, 1000+ classrooms and one million students (the entire Irish second level school system). CSLINC is an online student virtual learning environment for computing consisting of several modules built by academics and industry leaders and disseminated to schools through Moodle, our selected virtual learning environment. While Moodle has a certain amount of automation and user management built-in, this poster will present the initial design considerations and the automation process developed to allow for school centered mass registration on Moodle. This is of value to other CER educators who may consider developing such a system and enrollment process. Future work will consist of a detailed publication on the development process.


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