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Organic Chemistry, Inorganic and nuclear chemistry

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Tetrahedron, Volume 65, Issue 38, 19 September 2009, Pages 7942–7947.


The syntheses of tetra-tetrazole macrocycles, containing two 1,3-bis(tetrazole)benzene units linked by a variety of n-alkyl (n = 3, 5, 7 or 9 carbon atoms) chain lengths, are described. The crystal structures of two 1,3-bis(tetrazole)benzenes containing pendant bromoalkyl chains (n = 3 or 5) are reported. A tetra-tetrazole macrocycle has also been structurally characterised and contains an unexpected “host-guest” interaction through binding of a chloroform solvent molecule. The resulting deviation of the macrocycle from planarity results from a combination of the “host-guest” interaction and strong intermolecular interactions between adjacent tetrazole and phenylene rings.