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Paper presented at the 9th. IT & T Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland, 22nd.-23rd October, 2009.


The use of mobile computing devices has become more and more common as such devices have become more and more affordable and powerful. With increases in throughput speed and decreases in device size, wireless multimedia streaming to battery powered mobile devices has become widespread. However, the battery power has not kept up with the advances in technology and has not increased so rapidly. This deficiency in battery power provides motivation for development of more energy efficient multimedia streaming methods and procedures. As such, an adaptive delivery mechanism is proposed to take into account the various drains on battery life and adjust rates appropriately when the battery is low. This paper proposes a Power Save-based Adaptive Multimedia Delivery Mechanism (PS-AMy) which makes a seamless multimedia adaptation based on the current energy level and packet loss, in order to enable the multimedia streaming to last longer while maintaining acceptable user-perceived quality levels. The proposed mechanism is evaluated by simulation using Network Simulator (NS-2).