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Paper presented at the Ninth IT & T Conference, Technological University Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 22nd. - 23rd. October, 2009.


Over the recent years, there has been an extraordinary increase in the demand for real-time multimedia and infotainment services in vehicular domain. The availability of multimedia services over mobile phones and the tremendous success of low-cost Laptops have given rise to the expectation of providing multimedia services while on the move in vehicles. However, there are significant technological challenges in establishing continuous high-rate communication between the Internet/Multimedia server and the vehicles. The main problem is that it is difficult to provide direct communication between the server and the vehicles especially when the vehicles are moving at a very high speed. This paper proposes a novel Loss-based Hybrid-architecture-oriented Adaptive Multimedia Algorithm (LHAMA) protocol, which makes use of multiple hops to maintain the connection between the vehicle and the base station/server. LHAMA enables communication between the vehicles in a multihop fashion which in-turn allows high quality multimedia streaming. LHAMA ensures that even when the vehicles are moving at a high speed of 120 km/h, a throughout of up to 83% of the maximum value is achieved.