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Electric Power Systems Research


This paper aims to address the DC offset rejection problem in grid synchronization algorithm. A simple approach to estimate the unknown grid frequency in the presence of DC offset is proposed for this purpose. Some of the existing techniques available in the literature use either low-pass filter or an additional integrator to eliminate the DC offset. Both approaches require an additional parameter to tune. However, tuning the additional parameter is not straightforward. Moreover, tuning the overall system can be complicated due to the presence of DC offset rejection part. The proposed approach does not require any additional parameter to tune. By considering the orthogonal signal instead of the DC offset as an additional state, the proposed technique can efficiently estimate the unknown frequency of the grid. Application to both single and three-phase grids are provided. Comparative experimental results with DC offset rejection capable second-order generalized integrator (SOGI) phase-locked loop (PLL) (SOGI-PLL) demonstrate the effectiveness and suitability of the proposed technique.


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