Jean Sulivan: the Priesthood of the Pen : Eamon Maher on the Influential French Writer and Priest, whose Memoir he Translated

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6.3 PHILOSOPHY, ETHICS and RELIGION, Theology, Specific languages

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Archived with kind permission from The Irish Times, February, 17th 2021.


Towards the end of a journey from the south west of France up to Cherbourg after a family holiday some years ago, I spotted a signpost for Montauban-de-Bretagne. As we had some time before boarding the ferry, I turned off the motorway and made my way to the cemetery of this pretty hamlet.

My purpose was to seek out the grave of a priest-writer, Jean Sulivan, whose work had been recommended to me in 1991 (30 years ago!) by my prospective PhD supervisor, Patrick Gormally. That suggestion sparked a life-long fascination with a writer who changed my way of looking at the world. It came as a shock recently to discover that February 16th marked the 41st anniversary of Sulivan’s death.