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Sport and fitness sciences, 3.3 HEALTH SCIENCES


Applied performance analysts are increasingly seen as sports science professionals; however, there is no accepted framework for professional practice. The purpose of this study is to develop and validate a framework for professional practice in applied performance analysis (PA) which identifies the components of practice and the expertise underpinning it.

A six-step framework analysis was conducted: (1) An initial conceptual framework was devised based on well-accepted components of applied practice; (2) A systematic review identified 90 papers relating to applied PA practice; (3) Papers were coded to the initial framework and additional themes recorded; (4) Themes were analysed and synthesised to construct a draft framework; (5) This draft was validated by surveying 24 experienced applied performance analysts and academic experts; (6) A revised framework is reported based on stakeholder engagement feedback.

Nine components of practice were identified; establishing relationships and defining roles, needs analysis and service planning, system design, data collection and reliability checking, data management, analysis, reporting to key stakeholders, facilitation of feedback to athletes and service review and evaluation. Our evidence suggests that applied PA practice is underpinned by five areas of expertise: contextual awareness, building relationships, performance analysis and sporting expertise, technical expertise and professional behaviour.