Shaun Ferns


This paper looks at feasibility of creating a piece of software for practical electrical classes that engages learners of different learning styles. Traditional practical electrical classes are usually delivered using text based resources, but due in part to the advances in technology it is possible to provide information in a variety of formats. The starting point of this research was to evaluate the preferred learning style of the typical apprentice learner by using a learning style questionnaire based on the Vark model. The Vark model represents four learning styles Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinaesthetic. The results from the questionnaire then influenced the design of a workshop interface to suit the learner’s particular learning style. The final design was influenced by expert opinion in the area of learning styles as well as subject area experts. The interface was evaluated by 28 electrical apprentices and six lecturers who all agreed that the interface presented a new and innovative approach to delivering information within a practical workshop setting. The study concludes that it is possible to create a workshop interface that engages learners of different learning styles.