Diamond tools are used in a wide range of industrial areas such as construction industry, metal machining and exploration drilling. The diamond impregnated tools used in the stone and construction industry are metal matrix composites. Diamond saw blades are the most commonly used tools. The optimum operation of diamond saw blades is determined by the cutting action of the diamond grit and the bounding of the metal matrix. However the wear behavior of the diamond saw has been less studied Currently in the blade development, actual full blade tests often have to be conducted for optimization and the testing process is very slow and expensive to carry out. So the development of a testing machine that could reduce the blade development time would be very advantageous. This paper describes the design and construction of a wear apparatus which simulates the Wear conditions that a diamond impregnated saw blade experiences by using just a single segment. It is also our intention to present single segment wear tests on ceramic-based materials, which can be used for the testing and developing of a full blade diamond saw.