Roisin Faherty


This paper examines Mobile Computing Technology with a particular focus on the effect Mobile Computing is having on teleworking. Mobile computing as it is defined for this paper is described. The enablers of this technology as well as the inhibitors to this technology are discussed. Future possible trends in the area of mobile computing are also explored. Teleworking is reviewed in terms of the advantages and disadvantages it offers to the organization. Also outlined is the use Information Technology (IT) in teleworking. This examination of teleworking leads the paper into the next step up from teleworking i.e. The virtual organization. The issues around this type of structure are outlined including, Strategic Change Issues, Virtual teams, Integration of Virtual teams, Trust Issues and Cultural Issues. The paper then examines the implications involved in managing a virtual organization. Having explored the issues and possible complications surrounding a virtual organization it is important to highlight any strategic advantage that a move to this type of organizational set up would give and organization.