Students are often reluctant to become involved in work experience programmes, preferring instead to devote their time to further study or, to work in (often) non- related paid employment. Many students may think that having a degree is a tremendous asset and, is the only requirement needed to successfully secure employment in their chosen field. This article will discuss the advantages of work experience and provide a concrete example of one programme attended by third year students as part of the Special Populations module of Sports Management and Coaching Course. ITB, in a unique partnership with Fingal County Council Sports Office, has developed a practical work experience programme that can provide students with an insight into particular working environments and help build relevant useful skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. This initiative allows students to gain experience working with people with disabilities. Working under the direction of Fingal County Council’s Sports Conditioning Officer the students were involved in a ten week programme, learning how to plan and deliver a range of activities aimed to assist the participants to develop fine and gross motor skills.