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Brian Nolan


In this issue we again have papers treating a wide range of subjects. Stephen Sheridan looks at nondeterministic processing in neural networks while outlining the biological foundations and the massive parallelism of the brain, A linguistic analysis of the reflexive and reciprocal in modern Irish is undertaken by Brian Nolan. These are interesting because of the difficulties they provide for the generative tradition of linguistics. These difficulties do not present themselves within the functional approach presented here. Pauline Logue explores the treatment of rape in Christian theology. Patrick McGarty examines the area of ethics as they apply to the modern business environment. In a related group of papers on succeeding in business, Maura O Connell examines the skills and factors that entrepreneurs need while Liam Lenihan discusses human resource management as a dynamic process of supporting an organisations development. Finally, the management of projects within a commercial environment is explored by Ann Murphy.