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Learning and Skills Research Journal, 6(2), 43-44. Spring 2003 edition. The journal was a publication of the UK Learning and Skills Development Agency.


An initiative to create about 6,000 UK online centres aims to bridge the gap between those in society who have access to and are able to use information and communication technologies competently, and those who do not. UK online centres can be seen as networked community learning entities, playing an expanding role in formal and informal community-based learning.

The study described below provides a detailed snapshot of what was happening in UK online centres in the first nine months of 2002. The goal was to gain an improved understanding of the social context of the centres, and issues around the creation and exchange of knowledge within and between online community centres. The longer term goal is that if models of successful practice can be built, and cascaded by the community to new start- ups and more established centres, we will have the building blocks for sustainable capacity for bridging the digital divide.


British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA)