This conference provides a platform for various tourism and hospitality academics, practitioners, researchers and students in presenting and discussing the various topics related to Niche Market Formation for Faith-Based Tourism. Faith-Based Tourism is here used as an umbrella term for religious tourism, pilgrimage, secular pilgrimage, cultural tourism with interest in religion etc).

Conference Themes

Niche market formation for Faith-Based Tourism: Entrepreneurship Development for Faith-Based Tourism, Consumer Behaviour in Faith-Based Tourism, Faith-Based Tourism Development for small islands

Sacred Sites: Malta’s Neolithic sites and New Religious Movements (Mother Goddess, Wicca etc.), Sacred Sites: Engaging Protestant visitors with the Madonna,Shared Sacred Space for tourists and faith-based visitors (e.g. Roman Catholics, Protestants, New Religious Movements, Muslims), Routes and Trails - Modern and Ancient,Media and Technological Advancement for Faith-based Tourism and Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage in Non-Religious Traditions:Faith-Based Tourism, Pilgrimage and Identity, Faith-Based Tourism and Pilgrimage as Tools for Development, Faith-based tourism: The importance of sharing resources and cooperation, Faith-based tourism and interpretation, Faith-based Tourism and solutions for small churches, Faith and spiritual destinations.

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Day Two: 20th. of October, 2017
Day One: 19th. of October, 2017