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30-6-2017 2:30 PM

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30-7-2017 4:00 PM


There is considerable literature available on customer relationship marketing, its related factors, and religious tourism, but there is absence of studies that interrelate Islamic business concept of customer relationship marketing (CRM) with religious tourism. This is despite the fact that Muslims make up approximately one third of the world’s consumer population; the Islamic religious scripture highly praised about travelling with a view to achieving spiritual, physical and social goals; and Islam guides Muslims in relation to ‘How’ and ‘What’ to trade, how to communicate with others as part of business transactions. Hence, there is a need to address this gap in the literature through a comprehensive and extensive literature review. Islamic Customer relationship marketing generally postulates that developing long-term relationship with customers, by satisfying them more efficiently than competitors, is one of the ways to achieve long-term success for an organisation. Additionally, religious tourism has been considered as the important parts of the economy of those cities that hosted religious centers. Adopting an interpretive approach, extensive literature review of various business disciplines including marketing, relationship marketing, customer relationship marketing, Islamic marketing, religious marketing, and religious tourism was carried out. It is found that Islam is a way of life for Muslims and dictates their behavior both personally and professionally. It instructs its followers to adopt a more ethical, generous, and just approach to developing relationship with customers in the business whatever you are engaged in.

This paper will critically analyse and expand the understanding of Islamic customer relationship marketing (ICRM) and its factors for the purpose of religious tourism business.

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Customer Relationship Marketing Tool for Growth of Religious Tourism Business: An Islamic perspective

4B - Marketing