My first ever guiding experience, was telling stories to my siblings and cousins, and other friends who would bother to come with me around the streets of my home-town, Valletta. I remember my first visit to an exhibition, back in 1970. As a 15-year old I was impressed with all the exhibits, coming from all over the world. I also remember reading the captions and wondering how was it possible to remember all that information. Maybe the seeds of guiding were already there. Interest in visiting places and guiding continued. For thirteen years I worked as a guide with the then Museums Department (nowadays renamed Heritage Malta). The joy of reading, studying the artefacts and even guiding visitors was my real initiation into the world of professional guiding. This contribution to the first issue of the International Journal of Tour Guiding Research (initially presented at the 6th International Research Forum on Guided Tours) looks back at some of the most important developments that I experienced as a guide lecturer at the Institute of Tourism Studies and to share some thoughts about the Tourist Guide course presently offered by the Institute of Tourism Studies.





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