This paper aims to review threats to, and consequences of current climate change predictions on tourism in Malta. The paper reviews recent published research on the impacts of climate change and consequences of such on the physical social and economic character of tourism operations in the Maltese islands. The validity and practicality of management options to tackle the complex nature and juxtaposition between tourism growth, environment and climate change, and tourism destination management are considered, including an evaluation of management responses, the efficacy of local governance and current and future policy options and choices. The research methodology is primarily focused upon a qualitative content analysis and evaluation of contextual issues from a range of published sources and case studies drawn from current and contemporary published research and more contemporary media and anecdotal sources. Conclusions from the research demonstrate and discuss the efficacy of current predictions and how tourism infrastructure and destination management issues for island tourism should be tailored to more strategic policy responses from all key tourism stakeholders in both the private and public sectors. In this respect the paper highlights the current impasse between public perception and policy implementation which, to date, largely continues to overlook and disregard immediate threats from climate impacts set against continued tourism growth. This clearly fails to provide adequate strategic management or responsible governance responses. In conclusion, strategic and combined management strategies are considered and advocated for managing tourism island destinations, and for addressing the increasing demands from the often complex tiers of stakeholder groups that are represented. In this context implications are further drawn for the future prospects for island tourism in the Maltese Islands.



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